Snake oil firewalls? Hard pass.

Looking for the most over-the-top security out there to protect your precious organisation?
Look somewhere else.
Need a provider who promises they’ll not only protect your data from cyber criminals but also your building from aliens and your lunch from seagulls?
Yeah, it’s not us.
Dying to pay for a bunch of stuff you don’t need because you think it will help you sleep at night?
Try chamomile tea and a meditation app.
If all you want is the most security and not the most effective security
All we have to say is this:
Good luck
There are plenty of vendors out there who will sell you extra stuff whether or not you need it.
We know those people.
We always have to clean up after those people.
We hate those people.
So if you want all that?
Theres the door.

And if you still think the best cybersecurity is about buying the most stuff, we’ll see you in 6 months when you finally realize it’s about buying the right stuff. Here, set a calendar invite and we’ll see you soon.

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