Removing threats is our speciality

Whether those threats are caused by malicious activity, or from software, device or user vulnerability, we have you covered.

Malicious attacks are big business

2020 Statistics


Reported scams in Australia

$175.69 M

Lost to scams in Australia


Software and hardware vulnerabilities found


Notified data breaches reported in Australia

How we can help

At Cleared Security or ‘Cleared’, we have extensive experience delivering security services to a range of complex customers, from larger Federal Government to bespoke private industry, we deliver value for money security advice and solutions.

At Cleared, our core principles of integrity, excellence, and professionalism ensure our customers receive the highest level of service and our technical security advice remains uncompromised.

Security Advisory

Having the right data and advice at your fingertips when making security related decisions is critical to an organisation’s ongoing success. We have proven capability providing advisory services, assisting many organisations in their security uplift, providing tailored and data-led advice leading to informed security and organisational decisions.

Cleared is a vendor agnostic organisation, providing unbiased advice when procuring the best solution for you. Our staff can be utilised in an ongoing and routine capacity for your organisation, so you don’t find yourself on the spot without a security specialist in your corner.

Security Advisory

Security Review

Understanding your current security posture is a significant factor when it comes to deciding on required investment in improving your security. Our expert staff can conduct a complete tailored security review of your organisation against Government security controls and industry best practice.

We undertake a thorough review of your systems and architecture, as well as your business processes and requirements. This enables us to provide a complete and detailed report that summarises your current security, outlining key findings and recommendations in detail.

Security Audit

Security Operations

We can handle all your day-to-day security operations, so you don’t have to. Our staff specialise in detecting and analysing adversarial tactics and can assist your organization in monitoring for malicious threats, vulnerabilities and anomalies.

We actively monitor a wide variety of threat intelligence feeds to ensure our clients are protected from cutting edge techniques, vulnerabilities and exploits being utilised around the globe. We will work to accurately investigate and eradicate threats within your network, providing you visibility and confidence that your network is secure.

Security Operations

Incident Response

At Cleared, our specialist security staff take immense pride in responding to cyber security incidents in our client’s greatest hour of need. We have experience responding to both geographically local and remote incidents, taking steps to isolate and contain the threat and limit the damage and cost to your organisation. After the incident has been handled, we assist our clients with further securing of their systems, with vulnerabilities found during the investigation provided and remediation advice given. We offer further ongoing support after the incident to ensure your environment stays secure.

Incident Response

Threat Hunting and Vulnerability Assessment

Discovering what threats exist within your network is paramount in ensuring your environment remains secure. When our expert staff are set to hunting threats within your environment, you can be assured that you are free from the latest malicious indicators, and that any discoveries are handled and investigated immediately. We have the experience, resources and infrastructure to regularly monitor your environment and can perform ad-hoc assessments on key systems and networks where needed.

Dormant vulnerabilities can aid attackers in establishing a foothold within your network, our comprehensive vulnerability assessments provide the risk and remediation advice to allow you to make an informed decision on how these vulnerabilities should be handled. Whether it is external perimeter monitoring, or internal vulnerability and patch management, we have you covered.

Threat Hunting & Vulnerability Assessment

Malicious Sandboxing

At Cleared, we aim to utilise and integrate with the best available technology, this aligns closely with Hatching, who aim to provide the best malicious sandboxing platform available. Cleared has partnered with Hatching in Australia, to provide clients with access to a sovereign solution that is a capable, affordable and scalable malicious sandboxing solution, Triage. Triage is being used by Hatching customers all over the globe, as well as thousands of daily users in the community, analysing the latest malware samples and extracting useful information from many different malware families and file types.

We offer Triage in all different flavours, Software as a Service ‘SaaS’ (hosted out of our secure Canberra datacentre), on-premises (we also offer pre-built appliances), or utilising the private Triage cloud, need something custom? Get in touch!

Malicious Sandboxing

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